Nov 21, 18 / Sag 17, 02 08:30 UTC

[Meta] Public git repo for website and server  

The technical progress would be faster, expenditures lower and mechanisms more transparent (and safe) if a website and underlying server software could be edited and viewed collaboratively with Git or other VCS.

Right now security of a server is of unknown trust which is inacceptable provided asgardia server(s) conducting governmental duties.

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Nov 27, 18 / Sag 23, 02 18:39 UTC

Having things on Git would also make it easier for volunteers to contribute to documentation, update pages, etc.

Pull requests would still need to be monitored and approved to provide the appropriate controls.

I support this idea. 

Jan 13, 19 / Aqu 13, 03 03:30 UTC

I like this idea. I just put a suggestion in the technical support forum to include one more payment option to citizenship fee. One through a cryptocurrency.

And with a repo of the site, I could colaborate directly with this.

I share the public repository idea.