Asgardia needs a glossary page!

It's so important to be on the same page and have clearly defined language across all spaces, even when some things are being formulated.

## Terms to Include: 

This list is of course, not exhaustive. There's lots to add to the page, but one needs to be created. 

* Bill

* Act

* Decree

* Regulation

* Ascent

* Citizen

* Non-Citizen

* Resident

* Follower

* Candidate


Like I said -- the list is by far not exhaustive. I found myself scribbling down terms to keep them straight as I was reading through the "Act of Acts" that was recently passed. I went to look for a glossary and couldn't find one.

I maintain one as part of my current duties for my day job (Technical Writer). 

And I'm placing things like this here as I think of them, so I know they can all be found in once place later.