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topics menus  

I was thinking if we could not add an extra menu in the forum and/or blogs when we post new posts. If there would be first top-topics to choose from and deeper main-topics and then eventual sub-topics in a drop-down-menu.

The purpose of these menu's would be to create a guide for posters. Like for example choose out of 3 top-topics like: Asgardia, space and science.

Then each top-topic could have main-topics to divide the data in certain classifications of data. Like for example under Asgardia: goals, questions, idea's, etc.

Then each of these main-topics could have deeper choices to order the data more specific towards certain domains. Like for example: Asgardia: goals: space-arcs: where we could put stuff about space-arcs and related topics.

So this extra menu would do a sort of pre-sorting of data and in the mean while would guide users to post topics per category and more related towards data that Asgardia can use.

Grtz, Dirk.

Jul 20, 19 / Vir 05, 03 02:40 UTC


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