Hello and welcome to the Feedback Forum. As the name implies, this board is intended for discussions on any kind of practical feedback you wish to submit to the attention of the staff. We encourage all of you, fellow Asgardians, to share information which can be used as a basis for improvement on every aspect of Asgardia. Please, see the list of examples below to get a sense of what is allowed in this forum. Please, do NOT report bugs here, as we have a specific board where you can highlight errors you might have encountered while browsing the official Asgardia website and its forum. This is also the forum where you’ll be able to freely discuss the announcements as listed in the Forum Announcements board.

Example of topics that belong in Feedback:

  1. Comments or suggestions on the Asgardia website (what you’d like to see added, changed or even removed. Suggest new features and functionalities, missing or unclear translations in your language, and so on).

  2. Comments or suggestions on the forum itself (are we missing specific sub-forums you think would be valuable additions? Do you wish to submit a suggestion on how we could improve the forum? Do you have an idea that could be implemented and enrich the forum? Please let us know).

  3. Comments or suggestions on the Asgardian staff (Are you irked by our staff members because you think you are being censored? Do you have a suggestion on how we could improve our performance? Is the staff missing something you deem important? Please, be sure to share your ideas in this regard, as we greatly value the input from the community!).

Please familiarize yourself with the Asgardia Forum Rules before posting. Posting in this forum implies that you have read and understand the rules and guidelines. Thank you for your interest and for your participation!