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ASGARDIA Crypto Currency  

Being a dev on bitcoin and a creator of a few alternative crypto currency's i would love to offer my services and skills to create a crypto currency for Asgardia. There would be alot of work todo to make it unique and all code would be open sourced for all to work on in git.

If you would like me to start a team here now and get started on this let me know here, This would be more of a Proof of concept then a real final solution.


Jan 6, 17 / Aqu 06, 01 03:43 UTC

Being a dev on bitcoin, what comments do you have regarding the devel team that walked away due to the directions the bitcoin project was taking?

And why have our own version? which is almost assuredly to feature difficulty actually converting into goods, serivces, or other currencies... Why not bitcoin, decred, or even dodgecoin? I'm not advocating any o these. Just wondering why.

Jan 7, 17 / Aqu 07, 01 00:26 UTC

Ok I've been thinking about creating a cryptocurrency but I had problems because I'm not a programmer I have even a section in github so all the programmers can work on it I had several opportunities to call but none I pay attention since you are the first I would like to give you a tools That I wanted to use try to use cryptonote but I have never used it is a page that allows you to start your own cryptocurrency but you need two linux servers minimum of 2gb to start the genesis block to be created I leave the link in github please you can send me a message In my profile for now I will not be able to help them since I am waiting to repair my only laptop that I have


Here is the website and I think it is the best open source tool available (with this program created monero) so well privacy guaranteed https://cryptonote.org/

Here are the instructions by cryptonote and in the repositories of github are also the codes to start creating the cryptocurrency


The name I want and by consensus call this cryptocurrency its asgardcoin

Jan 7, 17 / Aqu 07, 01 03:46 UTC

You don't need to be a programmer to think about building a cryptocurrency - but you do want to be mathmatically inclined. Or prepare to be burned. Specifically within the field of cryptography.

One of the "best" open source tools available is likely to be "decred". Being built by most of the original bitcoin team when they left due to unreconcilable issues with directions the project was taking. I've not looked into that too heavily, yet, and AFAIK that has problems minimally in as much as it lacks widespread adoption.

At a casual glance, that "cryptonote" doesn't allow you to create a whole new cryptocurrency, as much as re-use an existing one and give it a different name. I predict problems through that alone, and would hold concern for ease of abusing the identifier "used for network packages in order not to mix two different cryptocoin networks" in order to specifically mix two different networks, even if the aim is only to cripple it. It also has some concerning claims to it's features, like a blockchain which resists analysis - which leads to questions about how the blockchain ledger is authenticated and processed and their model of continually increasing entropy would surely make it so processing this ledger after the coin has been used for fifty previous transactions to take more electrical energy to do so than the coin itself was worth(or at least, from my interpretation).

It does seem to address a few problems with bitcoin. I'm to understand it's yet to reach "feature parity" with bitcoin.

 4.  expansion of the scratchpad would require an increase in iterations,  which in turn implies an overall time increase.  "Heavy" calls in a trust-less p2p network may lead to serious vulnerabilities, because nodes are obliged to check every new block's proof-of-work. If a node spends a considerable amount of time on each hash evaluation, it can be easily DDoSed by a flood of fake objects with arbitrary work data (nonce values).

Is something that would fill me with full confidence in deploying it.

But lets say it's good, and it's deployed... And users start generating these "asgardcoin". Then what? How do you propose to convert that into goods, serivces, or other currencies... Who would accept it as payment? why?

I don't see why it should require two servers, either. But if you hit up scaleway(sub company of OVH) you can get some cheap VPS or ARM-powered "dedicated" cloud for "cheap" to test it.

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Jan 8, 17 / Aqu 08, 01 01:03 UTC

Relax bro I'm just trying to start the wheel 1) create this forum publicly to start the project and the ones you do in the first three topics is tell me why the cryptocurrency, 2) I agree to look for the best tool to perform this Cryptocurrency I gave this repository since I consider that it is one of those that I could get when I made the proposal 3) I can't do it alone, I am not a mathematician and less a programmer and 4) I have received ridicule and strong criticism with an idea that I just wanted Help to see it come true and good this forum in github can do and add the repositories they want and build teams if you want I'm just giving the foundation stone only that

Jan 11, 17 / Aqu 11, 01 16:52 UTC

Scott, what are the benefits of a unique currency vs using bitcoin? If going with an Asgardian currency, how large a team of capable programmers are needed?

Jan 17, 17 / Aqu 17, 01 00:04 UTC

Well no one has said that it will not use bitcoin but it would be interesting to be able to use own codes thinking about the sovereignty of our monetary system besides going to space will be necessary to have a cryptocurrency why? Simply because to be able to carry out transactions between planets or stars nations will need a robust cryptocurrency, agile and also thought to be able to use specially dedicated servers for space

Jan 17, 17 / Aqu 17, 01 04:20 UTC

But to get to the point of traversing planets commonly, or even the point of multiple nations establishing themselves in the stars, then one will require to be tapping the vast and abundant resources of the solar system - Earth, and the resources of, quite simply couldn't possibly support it. The solar system is littered with just about every element in the periodic, in vastly greater quantities than on Earth - from the perspective of consumption of the entire planet, infinite.

And here's where things get cunning - for establishing "trade" you want to establish a price for your goods. Commonly this falls back to the old economics model of a supply/demand graph - so pick a good. Any good, it doesn't matter which. Then draw a supply/demand grpah for said good. Now pay attention to the supply line on the graph, specifically where supply hits infinite. To get to that stage of civilisation, primitive things like fictional resources become incredibly meaningless.

Jan 18, 17 / Aqu 18, 01 20:16 UTC

So my question here is why is an internal currency even needed? We all joined this project to make a better alternative than what is currently offered, so by brining a currency into play we immediately create division and greed. Could we not create something where we don't have to have internal currency? I say internal because obviously we have to be able to trade with other countries for resources so there needs to be a way for us to do that.

Jan 18, 17 / Aqu 18, 01 23:51 UTC


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Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 11:41 UTC

@thymeless makes a good point. Real importance behind a crpyto-concurrency - and or blockchain- is "secure identification and authorization, contractual records, validation".

Greed and division are totally different games when all transactions, contracts, laws etc. are all open, visible, and recorded. I'd say more important than the currency is that ability. From day one everything should be publicly recorded on a blockchain - especially government work.

Jan 20, 17 / Aqu 20, 01 08:45 UTC

Have you ever heard about the duniter project ? :-)

Jan 31, 17 / Pis 03, 01 12:43 UTC

I think that the main objective we should tackle isn't to merely create our own cryptocurrency, but rather how we can use the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies(Blockchain) to build other services. I have outlined a few in my comment here: https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/technology-104/topic/creation-of-a-cryptocurrency-for-asgardia-775/

Albeit it might seem redundant initially to build our own cryptocurrency, we can actually build ours on top of existing technologies(Ethereum, Hyperledger fabric) and add features specific to Asgardia. "Smart contracts" should be the backbone of Asgardia's government for trustless consensus. I look forward to working with my fellow citizens on this, once it is approved by the Moderators of Asgardia :-)

Jan 31, 17 / Pis 03, 01 13:21 UTC

I do not know, I would like to know about the idea, at this time etherum with what you propose the only thing we would have would be a token that would depend on the etherum code, we would not have so much independence to modify the code, something that I look for, it would be good for us to explain The idea and you can join the group can create several projects however having a general consensus we will go there has recently interested me its decred mixes the best of both worlds and I would like to highlight that without independent system we can not have sovereignty of our cryptocurrency, are only these models to start you are invited to share your ideas in the github group and I am also in the forum of decred and well if you have a forum of your own I would like to join and see how the project progresses friend

Nov 23, 17 / Sag 19, 01 17:54 UTC

Asgardia should adopt Cardano (ADA) as the cryptocurrency. It is future proof (i.e. quantum computer proof). And it has a nice sounding symbol ADA, could be short for AsgarDiA. Plus it is designed using formal verification, i.e. unhackable. This currency has probably the smartest team behind it. Engineers, professional scientists and cryptographers. 

Just my 2 cents. pun intended.