Aug 20, 17 / Lib 08, 01 01:43 UTC

Civic Technology and Research Group  

I would like to know if there's anyone interested in starting something like this. Civic Technology and Research Group (CTRG) would be a group dedicated to a sort of R&D of technological importance and developing/testing technologies that could benefit Asgardia and Earth Citizens. This group would also be responsible for obtaining information on Nikola Tesla and his great inventions/ideas as well as Einstein's intellectual areas of interest. The idea is that both Einstein and Tesla knew what would have been a benefit to Humanity, but we're overwhelmed and suffered greatly to a system designed to keep certain inventions under complete secrecy unless they were of great capital value. Nearly every technology we use today could be thanks to Nikola Tesla's inventions and ideas. To let the potential of that information and technology lay dormant and fade into Bolivian would be of great loss to all of Humanity. 

Aug 20, 17 / Lib 08, 01 18:03 UTC

Hi PhantomOfAsgardia, 

I love your ideas, and am actually a part of some of that. We currently have volunteers that are working together developing different aspects of technology regarding Asgardia. If your interested, we'd love to have your help. You would need to submit an application to to join the Projects IT Team. We are still adding more people each month to continue to work on projects. A few examples would be regarding the BOINC project in the works relating to such sites as asteroids@home program that takes users' computers and, using their processing power, help to track asteroid data gathered from satellites and ground-based radar systems. 

You can also propose the creation of the R&D project to Asgardia Official, and we could work to get people together with the knowledge to build an awesome team for such a project. If you would like further information, or wish to connect, I am accessible on Facebook, or here. I look forward to seeing more from you.