Mar 3, 17 / Ari 06, 01 14:51 UTC

Re: Proposal - ACIT - Asgardia Civic IT  

With no regard to what the software is doing, or what the data being collected/stored is being used for... Probably not even paying attention to what data it's allowed near.

Mar 3, 17 / Ari 06, 01 18:46 UTC

What data need I be worried about? Idle chatter among other users that is to no benefit but personal interaction? I can understand the want of security, which has its place when we begin to deal with sensitive materials. At the moment, unless someone plans on spilling state secrets, there is no data.

Mar 3, 17 / Ari 06, 01 19:05 UTC

Just to update this thread. Proposal has been emailed to "Official". I'll update with any questions or updates both here and on the Discord channel:

Thanks to everyone that's contributed so far.

Mar 4, 17 / Ari 07, 01 00:15 UTC

Idle chatter among other users that is to no benefit but personal interaction?

So little benefit, in fact, that the tens of thousands every month spent on the storage alone of said data can be safely avoided, because buisinesses like trimming un-needed costs.

Like so many others you sincerely undervalue your data, and pay far too little attention to the potential uses that lots of little bits of information can provide for when taken with lots of other little bits. There is far more data being generated than you give credit, especially using software intended to maximise this harvest.

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Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 01:31 UTC

I got some really cool ideas, and I am really excited such a group is already in place. Until I found nothing real has been done. No project has been started.

Also, Some basic, non-security, projects could happen on some open-source places. I was thinking of making a social service to replace facebook. We currently trust all our communication in the hands of a company. Making a better communications system for Asgardia will be vital and awesome. This would include a live-chat, news channel and other features. I also believe we can start work right now. We do need government support to start projects. We can setup a GitHub page and start something. Later we can a basic package for a test site. Why do we make big plans and do nothing. We should start with something basic and rise up.

Where can we communicate, plan and do something?

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Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 04:17 UTC

Hey m2xu, sorry it seems that nothing real has been done, which in all actuality, short of some communications back and forth, and the development of the proposal to be submitted, is accurate. Not a lot has been done. The problem we currently face, not so much being the lack of will to go ahead and start on projects, is having to wait on Official's allowance to do so. It's a waiting game and it sucks.

We have bounced some pretty neat ideas back and forth, regarding site security, updating the forums to a respectable level, implementing open source PM functions, just to name a few, but until Official signs off on it, we aren't allowed to officially start anything, short of coming up with ideas. We are hoping, as well, to have a direct line of contact to AIRC's IT team, which, to my understanding, is currently in charge of this site. With a line of communication, we will know the exact specs to the site, allowing us to code/program accordingly. We currently have a Discord channel: as well as an IRC using the freenode server, channel name #AsgardiaIT This is the proposal in its current state as well.

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 11:13 UTC

I do realise this, as I have been following this thread for a long time. My initiative is supposed to bring people interested together and do some projects for fun. I was considering creating a site outside of this forum. The idea is to bring Asgardian programmers together and get something done. I have been hoping for this project to kick off, but from my observations it will take a long while. I do not want to change this site, or create any government institutions.

I do understand your concerns, but I am quiet bored of waiting.

Thanks M2xu