Ari 24, 01 / Mar 21, 17 13:49 UTC

Re: Official Asgardia BOINC team - Asteroides  






Still funny.

Ari 25, 01 / Mar 22, 17 05:13 UTC

I've enjoyed being a part of it with the team and learning more about the projects, particularly the asteroids projects and seti. I'm optimistic our team will to continue to get larger as Asgardia grows :)

Tau 01, 01 / Mar 26, 17 11:17 UTC

does asteroids@home have graphic? mine is always gray out, a@home's forum is very supporting, volunteers there feel like family

Tau 08, 01 / Apr 2, 17 07:03 UTC

sorry 4 late reply, my locate net work had been a mess recently, now i know a@h doesn't have graphic, what a pity

Tau 09, 01 / Apr 3, 17 21:40 UTC

I was in other projects but not in this one. I've already joined.

Tau 10, 01 / Apr 4, 17 12:05 UTC




Tau 10, 01 / Apr 4, 17 22:38 UTC

hello i was wondering if there is any way to change the computing power  from my CPU to my GPU.. GPUs have faster computing power.. anyone that  does bitcoin mining knows this. we might be able to boost our rank  higher if we can compute faster.

Tau 11, 01 / Apr 5, 17 09:02 UTC

Hi @Abrus,

Some projects only allow processing on CPU rather than GPU. You can force your machine to compute on GPU (if the project allows) by changing the settings in the program.

Hope this helps!

Dominic Sturt

Civic.Asgardia Projects Coordinator

Tau 16, 01 / Apr 10, 17 06:38 UTC

Hi! How to join to the Asgardia team?

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Tau 20, 01 / Apr 14, 17 01:35 UTC

The SETI team seems to be coming on well as well, currently at 62 active members.

SETI also has the added benefit of being able to run on Nvidia, AMD and Intel GPUs; as well as having the option to force only GPU computing to free up CPU time for other projects. Asteroids@home currently supports CUDA apps from Nvidia, and hopefully they add AMD and Intel apps in the future!

Leo 03, 01 / Jun 20, 17 14:08 UTC

Are we still doing this? Would love to participate, can start it on my home computer later today. 

Leo 04, 01 / Jun 21, 17 21:28 UTC

Sciencing for the masses! :B

I joined but I'll need to put it on another machine because I can't use it while at work.  How much data is being sent from the application though?