Jan 31, 17 / Pis 03, 01 20:32 UTC

Re: Programmers will be the back bone of Asgardia  

I'm currently learning to code. About half a year in so I'm fairly new, depending how you look at it. However, i agree that programmers will be incredibly important in this.

Feb 8, 17 / Pis 11, 01 20:19 UTC

While I think that programmers (And systems engineering) will be a major and vital component, we mustn't forget that the most vital roles will still probably be mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, mathematicians, and those that will understand the complexities of space travel, fluid dynamics, metallurgy, and other things that I can't even think of right now.

Feb 11, 17 / Pis 14, 01 05:09 UTC

C coder, Python coder, Bash scripting, shell coder, Cyber Security guy and a Kungfu dude... Am in.

Feb 24, 17 / Pis 27, 01 03:02 UTC

The entire endeavor will certainly be a mash up of different disciplines and ideologies.

Certainly Computer programming will play a major part, but the programmer can only code the machines made by then engineers, and that are connected by network engineers. They would accomplish this by using the oxygen supplied by life support systems, and the fuel from bio engineers.

This will be a collaborative of many sciences, and while we will need automation on so many levels, we shall also need all to be versed in many disciplines themselves.

Basic scripting can be learned by everyone, and so too can all sciences.

We will all need to be educated in many ways, and specialized in our strengths,

Feb 25, 17 / Ari 00, 01 16:21 UTC

totally agree, we r components of multi-dimension network, skills & data r tools & material 2 enhance it or build new modules, layers. imho materials science & engineering is real magic, maybe cern will be the size of a laptop or mobile one day, like computer had lost weight over decades(also more & more user friendly). expect 2 co-op in building asgardia multi-friendly

Feb 26, 17 / Ari 01, 01 14:05 UTC

imho materials science & engineering is real magic

There's no room for such heracy in Asgardia - it's science. Most of it easily explainable. CERN isn't likely to be scaled down any time soon, I assume you actually mean the Large Hadron Collider and not the nuclear energy research agency. The idea behind it is the loop allows to electromagnetically acellerate particles, to rediculous speeds and in opposite directions and as the name implies then to cause a collision. The "faster" this particle goes, the less gradient in the curve is available - think a race car on a corner, you can only go so fast before you come off... A lesser curve can be taken faster. This could be theoretically offset by electromagnetic input but we're already at rediculous levels on the macro scale. The size of a laptop it'd probably need to emit a magnetic field about 15x that of the Earth - which stretches several miles into space, significantly more powerful than the average fridge magnet. It'd not be a good idea to switch that on near anything metal.

Computers losing weight is mostly improvements in battery technologies - Li-Ion/Li-Po is significantly lighter than lead acid or nickle metal hydride and the rest is mostly "miniturisation" - the fitting more into the same amount of space, using less sillicon, less board. This also reduces total pathway and therefore loss via resistence, making it eat less power to do the same workload - or more - and as consequence the batteries last longer and the "SoC revolution" is cramming even more hardware into the same chip.

Feb 27, 17 / Ari 02, 01 11:19 UTC

Hi as frontend Developer if you need any help feel free to contact me. Post under this one I offered my services free to Asgardia. More about my work (owner of this site) http://www.evolvo.com.hr

if you need any help just ping :) or we can maybe start some asgardia app build it and expand our knowlege to everyone?

Feb 28, 17 / Ari 03, 01 17:26 UTC

Programmers will be the backbone of Asgardia, yes. But by the time you guys are actually needed in Asgardia, all programming will be done by Artificial Intelligence for many obvious reasons. I know that no one wants to hear that, but it is unfortunately the truth. I am not a programmer, just your average I.T Overlord and even my role in the technology industry is threatened by the rise of robots / A.I.

I don't like it necessarily, but truth be told, A.I is far more efficient than humans and this future is literally inevitable.

Mar 1, 17 / Ari 04, 01 14:37 UTC

Ok and who will program AI? :D My friend is currently developing custom bot solutions with integration to every chat there is. And I think you are wrong because I bet you right now that developers on this forum combined in one (asgardia) can produce really everything. Just look at it...we have here..backend..frontend....angular...node...js...react...just look at this community and tell me you need AI ? :) the Asgardia honestly has one of best cards to play with currently.People want to help....really looking forward to see what Asgardia will become or is it just going to be this forum and bunch of people with ideas.

Mar 18, 17 / Ari 21, 01 00:12 UTC

I agree that coding should be a skill every Asgardian should know we cant count out other skills. laborers, medical, management, law enforcement, etc. Also when we start to get more in to machine learning we will be switching from programming to behavioral experts. I look foreword to the many breakthroughs that will come from our nation.


Apr 10, 17 / Tau 16, 01 05:49 UTC

Hi all! Frontend, backend, arduino dev.

Apr 10, 17 / Tau 16, 01 19:31 UTC

Hi! I'm a developer too (Computer Systems Engineer) Frontend - Backend, C++, C#, VB.Net, Xamarin (Android, IOS, WinPhone), Delphi, Glad to be here you can count on me with any project

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May 1, 17 / Gem 09, 01 21:11 UTC

programmers are the going to be a real strength of asgardia as they make asgardian different from the rest of others.

May 5, 17 / Gem 13, 01 21:58 UTC

I agree programmers will be important, me myself I have been programming for 30 years and now specialise in Deep Learning systems but I don't think every Asgardian will need to be able to program, I have taught programming over the years and have seen that some people do not have an aptitude for it.  I think it is something about how we think when we are solving problems, but whatever skills are needed I am sure the Ministry of Education will supply.

Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 23:07 UTC

Programmer here too.  C#, C, Python, Perl, PHP, web stacks, linux, mac and windows, retropie and tinkered with arduino boards.  Been programming for over 15 years now.  I'm happy to be apart of what needs to be done.  I learn fast.