Hi, my name is Brendan Taylor and I’m a firm believer and promoter in the analytical use of open data to help us make informed decisions. I have over 8 years of data, big data, data analysis and reporting experience across multiple industries such as banking, shipping, entertainment, oil and gas, and private lifestyle management. 


First, let me break this article down into 3 parts; Data source, data storage and data usage. I will cover each one in a little more detail and hopefully I can convince you that, not only is the collection of OD needed, it’s also vital and can have a HUGE impact on the lives of all Asgardians.

Part 1: Data source

Everywhere we look, everything we do and even the things or actions we don’t do, generate data that can collected and analysed. When used properly, collected in a transparent way and openly accessible, this data is priceless to effective management. So let’s look at the multiple sources of data that exist (currently, or possibly in the future) in the context of Asgardia.

It is also important to remember that this article will be looking at high level data that can be used to create a “big picture” view of Asgardia. None of the data collected will contain identifiable data, especially when this data is intended to be accessible by all Asgardians.

A quick look and a few examples of OD from the Ministries of Asgardia:


Crime data is important and it help identify the type of crime, where and when the crime happened. Having this data can help with the allocation of resources in terms of policing and the ability to respond to incidents.

2. Science

What advances have been made that can integrated into Asgardia. This can be anything for new improvements to existing technology, new medical technology, more efficient ways of producing energy. Engineers will be able to access this data as it comes available. 


I have seen some great infographics being produced giving us a clear breakdown of how Asgardia is made up. Seeing the societal make up of Asgardia is important, as we are a melting pot of different cultures, each bringing their own customs and languages. This data can help integrate our communities and also identify what is needed or missing, that every Asgardian is made to feel welcome in our accepting society.


“Just follow the money” is an infamous saying in today’s earth society. To help stamp out corruption and keep Asgardia fair, open and transparent, data about each transaction made within the Asgardian Government should be open to the public. Being able to see how much, when, where, by who and why each transaction was made, this adds a level of accountability. This will also help cut down wastage, keep spending in check and allow citizens of Asgardia to see exactly how their taxes are being spent.

5. Trade and Commerce

Being able to see what materials and services are being traded through Asgardia is important. Being able to see what types of materials and services are being either imported or exported, the level or amount of these trades can help identify shortages, and help Asgardia better allocated resources. This OD can also identify trends and highlight opportunities which can help improve the prosperity of Asgardia

6. Education

Education is vitally important to the continuation and the expanding of Asgardia. Without the scientists, engineers, makers and creators, Asgardia is nothing. With an educated society, anything is possible. Being able to see skill sets across the nation of Asgardia, can help allocate skills to specific projects, identify short falls in skills needed, help make allocations to strengthen and widen skill sets. Education is key to the success of our nation!

7. Equity and Resources

Making sure Asgardia is sustainable and able to survive as a nation, OD about the resources available to the nation is important. Not only to identify shortages, but spot trends within the nation and create opportunities to increase trade. Knowing what the nation needs and what the nation has will benefit all.

8. Administrative

The tracking of changes made within Asgardia, with regards to who made, what was changed and why the change was made, will add much accountability and severity to the change. If questioned about any of the changes, those accountable must to able to answer. This increases transparency, decreases hidden agendas and corruption.

Part 2 and 3: Data Storage and Data Usage

Part 2 and part 3 is open to discussion, but a discussion that needs to be held. I call upon those with skills surrounding data to give their input and help plan, design, implement and maintain a safe and secure environment for this data. Through the use of the latest technology, I’m 100% positive we can create a viable solution, adding to the value of Asgardia.


Data is important. We live in a society where making informed decisions is vital, especially when decisions will impact the lives of ordinary Asgardians. Data is my passion, and I work with data every day of the week, whether in my private life or in my professional life. 

If you agree with what I have to say, and feel that data can really make a difference then I ask that you vote for me as a strategist in the elections.