Theology Bharata Asgardia.

In search of the basis of the nation Asgardia. We are forced to look at those (those cultures) who tried to do this before us. I would like to introduce you to this approach.
Perhaps, when we talk about the spirit of Asgardia, we will return to this.
"One must not forget that the basis of seeking is that One has realized that One does not know. One does not know the nature of One’s being. Instead of settling for a culturally convenient belief, for a whole populace to have the courage and commitment to seek the truth about themselves. This the basis of this nation that is called Bharata. Bha meaning sensation, that is the basis of all experience and expression; Ra meaning Raga, the tune and texture of life; Ta meaning Tala, the rhythms of life, which involve both rhythms of the human system and nature.

To preserve, protect and nurture the fundamental ethos of Bharat, the legacy of wisdom and unbridled exploration of life is a true gift to the Humanity as a whole. As a generation, this is an important responsibility that we should fulfill. Let not the limitless possibilities that the sages of this land explored and expounded be lost in religious bigotry and senseless simplistic dogmas."
– Sadhguru
I have no doubt that BhaRaTa are connected both with the rhythms of man and with the nature of Asgardia.
And I call it भरतःAsgardia ( Bharata Asgardia)