Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 18:45 UTC

Can There Truly Be Harmony Where There is Religion?  

I propose the question in hopes that it can be considered by each reader with objectivity. In thinking about the question, review history - from the moment humans began adopting dogma to explain natural phenomena, the seeds of conflict were sewn. Throughout time, war has killed millions. As I see it, the majority of war has been waged and justified in the name of two goals: religion and land/resources. In many cases religion and culture are inseparable, creating a path toward cultural/ethnic atrocities - such as genocide. And let me clarify that throughout history, I do not see any religion escape violence. Whether its the forceful conversion of peoples to Christianity, or ethnic cleansing, or radical beliefs or even down to Pagans and the witch hunts - religion caused polarization, violence, and death. 

Do we really think, where there is dogma, there can peace? As we move into space, can humans really change and become truly accepting of everyone, regardless of differentiating characteristics?

Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 19:12 UTC

Well I think there can be harmony with religions. The secret is that no one should pester someone to get involved with their religion.

There is a famous saying, sorry for the language:
"Religion is like a penis. It's fine to have one and it's fine to be proud of it, but please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around... and PLEASE don't try to shove it down my child's throat."

Dec 8, 17 / Cap 06, 01 04:41 UTC

Religion can never honestly be banned or destroyed because they are ideas, but we can mitigate the potential harms.
Religion preys are fear, instability, and ignorance.
If you want to mitigate the potential harms then you must demand a society:

* free of Capitalism and exploitation where each person has what they need to live and thrive
* with life-long universal education, which is perhaps the most important part

It will be harder to radicalise or raise those who may susceptible if they are free, happy, stable, and well educated.

Nov 13, 19 / Sag 09, 03 02:29 UTC

Yes, it definitely can. let's look at the eastern countries. There we can see how religious people live in harmony with themselves. Moreover, they usually pay attention to Chinese horoscope https://www.zodiacsigns-horoscope.com/chinese-zodiac/ and live with this rich knowledge