Jan 8, 17 / Aqu 08, 01 22:46 UTC

For Muslims  

I am very concerned about anti-muslim, anti-Middle-Eastern rhetoric within Asgardia's culture, given the current climate in the Middle East. What is your take on the current happenings in the Middle East, terrorist attacks worldwide, and anti-Muslim rhetoric? What do you believe our course of action should be when it comes to ensuring that all religions and spiritual persuasions are equally respected, as per the proposed constitution?

Jan 8, 17 / Aqu 08, 01 23:37 UTC

"As a new nation based on the philosophy of human freedom, Asgardia does not take a stance on its citizens personal beliefs and will not declare a specific religion as the official religion of Asgardia. Citizens of Asgardia shall be free to worship their religion of choice or none at all. Your freedom of belief is entirely your personal choice. Of course that choice must respect the choice of others in return." Please review the Concept and the FAQ pages of the Asgardia website. Concept: https://asgardia.space/en/page/concept FAQ: https://asgardia.space/en/page/faq

Jan 20, 17 / Aqu 20, 01 00:47 UTC

Crawford, I don't think we should particularly "do" anything to ensure that every religion on Earth is respected. Doing so may inadvertently place a premium on one religion or another, and could potentially have severe repercussions. Besides, law can't hope to truly eliminate prejudice and discrimination- only societal norms and mores combined with can hope to do that. Additionally, religions that cannot by their nature coexist with others should not exist in Asgardia- extremes of all colors can only bring us harm.

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Jan 23, 17 / Aqu 23, 01 00:00 UTC

Perhaps if we build into the basis of our social structure rules to ensure that we are impartial in regards to religion. Thus anyone is welcome to practice as they see fit, but it does not touch policy making and such. That way we don't end up with any group influencing regulations one way or another. And everyone is protected.

Jan 30, 17 / Pis 02, 01 22:50 UTC

In a island, it's funny to see each comunnity to go to each temple of each religion for each holyday (of each religion, obviously) with everybody, believer or not.

I will search for this island, long time ago to I heard this story.

Jun 8, 17 / Can 19, 01 13:54 UTC

Islam is both a religion and a political ideology. I have no problems with the religious elements within islam, such as Islamic praying habits and celebrating Ramadan,. I do, however, have major issues with many political and interpersonal elements. Examples include, but are not limited to the shari'ah and Islam-sanctioned harassment of fellow human beings, like killing of ex-Muslims, kiling of people who are perceived to be "enemies of Islam" (such as Islam critics), treatment of women, treatment of gays, treatment of non-Muslims, especialy polytheists and atheists, child molestation (circumcision and FGM), shaheed suicide attacks, sex slavery and so on.

Jun 8, 17 / Can 19, 01 19:28 UTC

Hi and Good Day German:

Please do share the source material of above mentioned information, I would love to read more about the concepts that you explained.

Jun 8, 17 / Can 19, 01 19:32 UTC

@Germen Roding
Maybe you're speaking of things happening on Earth: I hope in Asgardia all will be done "free as far no other one (nor the Asgardia's environment) is harmed" so that one is absolutely free to enslave, or to practise shari'ah, or to do whatever (s)he prefers on him/herself and privately.

I'm not religious at all, but I can see how a religion is a need for many so, why the law have to rule they can't practise what they feel as a need, as long as it implies him/herself only?

Jun 15, 17 / Can 26, 01 18:02 UTC

If we are going to be keeping tabs on "Sharia" as is popular in the Western Right-Wing traditions, then we should equally keep tabs on the almost identical rules imposed by the other Abrahamic faiths as well as the Western Right-Wing traditions that call for scrutinizing Islam while giving the others a pass.

Or, we can form an inclusive society where all are accepted as they are, where discrimination and a lack of personal opportunity doesn't make them more susceptible to tribalism and retreating from participation in popular society. This will make them less vulnerable to the machinations of charismatic manipulators looking for pawns, thus eliminating the threat (real or imagined) of fundamentalist violence against the masses.

People tend to cling to ideas and symbols that others attack if they grew up with them. Ignoring the symbols and ideas and instead interacting with the individual is a more useful attempt at giving certain groups a stake in civil society.

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Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 02:44 UTC

For me personally, I do not object to Islam in our beloved Asgardia country, but I strongly reject the radical doctrine and endanger national stability and state security. This is because until now many emerging in this world will be a radical teaching and harm either the life of a person or a related nation, therefore need the screening and assertiveness of related officials in Asgardia on this matter, and need a law that explains what religious teachings The best thing to do and do and a strict repercussion of religious doctrine or theology deviating from the doctrine should be able to impact on the outbreak of unity in the beloved Asgardia state and security within the Asgardia.