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Re: For the greater good of God!  

  • 1 nihylum. I also love this Einstein's quote!

Jan 30, 17 / Pis 02, 01 22:59 UTC

A lot number of searcher becam religious after see the complexity of the world. A lot other becam the opposit.

Science explain the.physique world, everything we can touch or acte with. Religion try to explain the metaphysique or the part we don't understand, see etc. (Death, soul...)

Wathever we said, we believe on something. God or not. For someone, science is a religion, and doesn't tolerat other religion.

It's sadly human. It's our duty to accept a different way of our neightbourg, except the extremism who want nothing but theyr view.

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Feb 3, 17 / Pis 06, 01 20:48 UTC

You wouldn't use mathematics to analyze literature, and vice versa.

Researchers can and have done both! Unusual combinations of disciplines often yields interesting results.

I am concerned the tone of this thread operates from what I'd call the "monotheistic gaze". A narrow majority of the world is actually polytheistic by most measures (E.g., China is sometimes counted as almost entirely atheist, sometimes almost entirely polytheist). There is a tendency in monotheistic faiths to take an explicitly, uh, dim view of polytheists. I'm not sure it's prudent to encourage pan-monotheistic cooperation rather than simple pluralism (the valuing of differing beliefs for their differences per se), especially given the tremendous diversity of Asgardians already. I don't want to risk a monotheist block, a polytheist block, and an atheist block when we can probably agree to pluralism.

Feb 10, 17 / Pis 13, 01 11:40 UTC

Great words my friends, great words...

I'm here just to help you to get more wiselly in religions things.

When Rá, Sun God of Egyptians, said to the people, thru Hórus, the Son of the Sun God, the people of egypt started to believe that this Rá, is not a myth, cause a priest from egypt, was saying thru his voice and writings, something that comes from the stars, and the egyptians started to believe in the stars, and as stardusts, Hórus, the Son of the Sun God, Rá, started to preach all the knowledge they need to preserve their culture, their people, their piece of land in this planet. So happened with Jesus, with Mitra, with Arjuna when he was receiving messages from Krishna. So, every Chosen, from their Gods, whatever you name it as Rá, Allah, YHWH, Shiva or even if you create another word like FSM - Flying Spagetthi Monster, or believe in the Force of Jedis and Siths. All comes from religion, and religion is the revelation of this priests that spoken thru their Gods!