Jun 23, 17 / Leo 06, 01 18:05 UTC

Nordic Heathens (a.k.a. Asatru)  

Hello fellow Asgardians! I see a lot of other threads for different religions, but I was curious if there are any other fellow Nordic Heathens here besides myself? If so perhaps we could get a discussion or group going.

Jun 23, 17 / Leo 06, 01 19:57 UTC

I'm just a "loose follower" of keltism, believing that they represent the true european's roots, historically speaking.

Jun 23, 17 / Leo 06, 01 21:27 UTC

Nice! Well there are certainly some similarities, but I think that's due to overlap in cultures. What with the Norse conquering the British Isles.

Jun 24, 17 / Leo 07, 01 18:28 UTC

Just to be clear, I'm italian, so from the very south of Europe. But, looking at keltism, I found is born into Switzerland, so 100 km far from my home and, in 3rd century B.C., it expanded to south, even, down to my birth town too... so... well... I'm feeling some celts' blood is into me also.
Sorry me as it seems naive, but it's a matter of feeling, after all.
I'm aware, even if not that in deep, of sabbath (we're currently into Litha) but not following that closer as I wish.

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Jul 14, 17 / Leo 27, 01 16:31 UTC

Hail!  Great to see fellow Heathens on here.  I would be up for creating a group on here for us Heathens.

Jul 15, 17 / Vir 00, 01 08:15 UTC

Hail my friend! I think that would be awesome. Hopefully there are more of us lurking out there. Perhaps they will find their way to us.

Jul 15, 17 / Vir 00, 01 20:28 UTC

Hail to my nordic brothers!

Be blessed by your sister.