Greetings everyone!

I am sure most of you are already aware of the launch of the Asgardia-1 satellite and are utmost pleased with its success. I do firmly believe it is now time to look forward, but also to utilize the resources that we have. I therefore would like to put forth a proposal of how we can capitalize on our successful launch and to use the money for more projects to come.

I do not know whether this has been discussed or not, though I am most eager to spread my thoughts about this. By allow people from all around the world buy storage on it for safe keeping we can generate an considerately amount of money. The information would be encrypted and can only be acquired by sending a formal request to the Ministry of Trade. While this would most likely attract people with ill intentions, we can setup a system where an algorithm scan the documents (never saving them) and then only output if the document has been flagged or not. If it is flagged then we would simply deny the request. This scanning would also deter the very people with said intentions. 

I can see some areas/kinds of people this would apply to, which I will now list:

  1. Safe keeping of documents and files of great importance
  2. Storage for file sharing sites (I am not yet aware on our stance on this issue)
  3. People who want a message to be sent out in space

This idea is only in its infancy and I am sure many of you can come up with not only more, but also better ideas as to how we can use the satellite in our favor to generate more income for our upcoming projects. Get creative!