Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 20:51 UTC

Asgardian Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and Intergalactic Chamber of Commerce (ICC)  

In order to foster the growth of intergalactic trade and the development of a new economic order at the galactic level I suggest the creation of the Intergalactic Chamber of Commerce, with the following functions:

-Acting as the voice of business at the United Nations, WTO and G20, and influencing the development of interglobal policies on issues of vital importance to intergalactic business;

-Create galactic rules and standards universally used in intergalactic trade transactions, such as Incoterms® and Contract Models

-Establish the Intergalactic Court of Arbitration, a dispute settlement body for business.

As for the Asgardian Chamber of Commerce I suggest that its action is to interact with the economic agents, who remunerate it for the provision of its services. Such services, for that very reason, will be focused on the immediate need of the Asgardian entrepreneurs.

Thus, the entity conducts market research, raises, contacts and selects Terran companies, organizes and organizes intergalactic business meetings, organizes lectures and samples of products, implements sales campaigns and even sells products or services.

Its diverse programs of action around the world will allow to create commercial ties between Terrans and Asgardians that will be a business mine for its partners.

Finally, that's my vision. I believe that a more specialized opinion is interesting for the debate and that people suggest other options that may best apply to the functioning of both chambers.

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Feb 11, 17 / Pis 14, 01 11:25 UTC

It may be too early to establish an Intergalactic Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Even though Asgardia is based on the idea of space nation, I suggest that Asgardia will be as real as possible at the current time at least until it is recognized by UN.

First, we not sure that we are the only intelligent creatures in the space or at least in our galaxy. If there exist other spatial civilized creatures, we should think a while before enacting our galactic rules and standards alone. We are not also sure that we are the only creatures in the universe, so that we should think a while before establishing an Intergalactic Court of Arbitration.

The role of the Asgardia Chamber of Commerce in the near future should be to collaborate with the earlthy chambers of commerce of the world countries. As far as the countries of the world realize the advantages of Asgardia for the Earth, we will be more supported and recognized as the representative nation of Earth in the space.

On the other hand, establishing long-term goals such as Intergalactic Chamber of Commerce will fasten the progress of the space invasion and the realization of the short-term goals of Asgardia (on Earth at the current time and on a close proper planet at the near future). In addition, if there are any other intelligent nations in the space, they will be subjected to our laws of Asgardia, especially if they have not had enacted their spatial laws at the moment we reach them.

Mar 31, 17 / Tau 06, 01 21:24 UTC

je suis d'accord sur l'idée d'une autorité de régulations du commerce plus vis a vis des structures terriennes que des éventuelles structures extraterrestres. cela pourrais servir à unifier les règles sur ce sujets et si toutefois une entité se manifestais, un vote de modifications et d'ajustement pourrais avoir lieu