Nov 19, 17 / Sag 15, 01 00:38 UTC

Asgardian's buy products from Asgardian citizens. Internet business sales space!  

I propose Asgardia provide a internet business space setup such that is collects a tax to go to Asgardia income base, like a eBay site.  This would for the time allow Asgardian's to sell there products and contribute a tax income.   You would temporarily still need to pay current state or country tax you currently pay.  

Jan 1, 18 / Aqu 01, 02 20:15 UTC

I support this Idea.. I have the ability to create custom Vinyl Decals i would love to sell to The citizens. The decals can be applied to any surface area. I hope one day we will have a trade network as you described!

Mar 30, 18 / Tau 05, 02 12:55 UTC

Very interesting idea, but it seemingly Asgardian culture, Quiet and less reaction.

Jul 6, 18 / Leo 19, 02 12:49 UTC

This idea sounds wonderful. 

Jul 21, 18 / Vir 06, 02 13:39 UTC

I like this idea, is anyone working on it?