Mar 28, 17 / Tau 03, 01 15:06 UTC

How will art be "handled" in Argardia?  

I came to the doubt recently and started wondering. How will Art be faced in Asgardia? Is it one of the pillars of the nation like Science and Justice? If it isn't, souldn't it be? My real question, I think, is: How would one live in Asgardia as an artist? I was wondering if anyone else has thought about that? Like, is there a possibility to be a Ministry of Arts? I'm curious to see how art will unfold in Asgardia and hopefully be a part of it.

Mar 28, 17 / Tau 03, 01 15:52 UTC

Hi Beetlejuice, It is my hope as well that the arts will play an important role in Asgardia and be nurtured by the overall community. There has been discussion regarding a Ministry of Art and Culture but as an independent artist I have seen little value in governmental funding and support for the arts as often it creates nepotism and unnecessary competition, favouring established creators simply upon name recognition and leaving the grassroots art scene to fend for itself. I would prefer to see Asgardian artists merge together as a independent collective assisting one another.

May 3, 17 / Gem 11, 01 17:47 UTC

When we are talking the future of Asgardia with a permanent habitat in space, pure artists surely won't be the first wave of settlers but any kids that follows into space will get a solid schooling including arts. So if the basics of living and thriving in space are met, artists will be as important for Asgardia as they should be ideally in every human society where the human sciences are held high.

In our reality today, artists are even more important visualizing what Asgardia is going to be. It was for a plethora of artistic depictions of the west and east space agencies and all the other 'space' artists that motivated me to get into everything space related. If the imagination dies, a cause dies.

Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 02:42 UTC

Good points raised here. Arts and Culture are still mostly under the umbrella of the "Entertainment Industry". At the same time, art galleries and museums are not as much part of the same M.O. of operations and finances as Popular Music for example.

There should be grants? Absolutely. Some countries manage their grants very well, while some don't. The number of Asgardians ON SITE would also influence that. But for the whole structure to make any sense we would first need to know how the whole economy, services, jobs, etc would work once there are enough people off-planet.

Grants by themselves shouldn't be the expectation of any artist, artists always found their niches and even if not everyone can do it, they can manage to pay their bills if they find enough public for their work, and in a healthy economy, a safe environment and a place that encourages that, I imagine that would also work well.

There are millions of questions we need to ask ourselves about logistics we need to ask ourselves first AS A NATION, as a geographical place that does not even exist yet. A different number here and there could change everything. A ministry of culture is a must.

  • But to go back to the focus of the question:

    -Grants & Sponsorships
    -Foundations and Institutes
  • -Self-sustaining market

that is what we would expect from Culture handling in Asgardia. Not in that order.


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