Feb 22, 17 / Pis 25, 01 22:01 UTC

Is anyone else curious as to who will become Asgardia's first great artists and what masterpieces they will create?  

With every new society there are new great artists, who create unique works of art whether written, painted, sculpted, or created by other means. I personally wonder who said people will be in Asgardia's case and what masterpieces they will create, am I the only one?

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Mar 23, 17 / Ari 26, 01 07:11 UTC

It remains to be seen @Brandon7. I get the feeling there are a good number of highly imaginative and compelling artists already involved with Asgardia :). My personal interest is how their involvement might manifest itself within the nation and how it may be referenced within an artist's work both now and in the future. It's been interesting for me to further explore the relationship between science and art since joining Asgardia.

Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 02:46 UTC

I believe great art would be made in Asgardia by the mix of cultures and the completely different perspective of space (as in SPATIAL) and belonging that Asgardians would have.

It's a matter of time. Like he said above, wait and see. We're not even 1/10th out there yet, so we must nurture a cosmopolitan view of humanities and let Asgardians and their (naturally) different perspective take place when expressing themselves artistically.