We could try to establish a Decentralized Artists Network through simple communication method (slack, social media, forum, etc...), or through a blockchain network ranking artists fitness based on artistic submissions and proof-of-preference contracts.

This network could support a pay-by-monthly-subscription service for accessing beautifully high-res versions of art which update regularly and which play as a slideshow on the PC's background. It would be a discounted fee for Asgardians as opposed to non-Asgardians. It could negotiate the sale of prints and photos and other denominations of the given art. It pays out a small fee to artists when a viewer acknowledges their preference for an art by flavoring it, and otherwise, through the profit of selling copies.

Alongside this, we could be actively using crowdfunding to raise funds for three objectives:

1) A stipend for artists issued as a reward for submissions.
2) Building and promoting the platform.
3) Launching pop-up galleries.

At these pop-up galleries, we try to earn our profit off a mix of mark-ups on original painting sales, print-sales and ticket sales.

Gathering international investment or interest from then on would be the responsibility of the Ministry of Art, who must representing the nation by contacting international agencies and submitting Asgardian works into contests or otherwise inspirig international trade for Asgardian art.