Aug 9, 17 / Vir 25, 01 16:38 UTC

This is the text I chose to send into space  

Whether my little slice of originality is interesting or not, that is for you to decide.

Now a poet joins your ranks

a potential nation to whom I give thanks

I seek only knowledge and expression

To which Asgardia gives no repression

Such an idea is unprecedented

But nevertheless it is now cemented

To the values supreme I hold my alleigance

For they, to me, have utmost credence

Let us rise in humanity

takes hands together in unity

to the first space nation I rejoice

That is my vow, that is my choice!

Aug 14, 17 / Lib 02, 01 03:59 UTC

Thank you for your poem!  It expresses my feelings about the promise of Asgardia, as well.