Apr 6, 17 / Tau 12, 01 15:59 UTC

National Chapter Assistants Needed!  

Hello everyone.  We are currently recruiting for various positions.  One of the positions highly needed are Chapter Assistants for this chapter; United States of America.  If you are interested please see the recruitment post here: https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/civic-asgardia-public-sector-145/topic/civic-asgardia-recruitment-initiative-april-3-2017-4692/.  For more information on what the position entails please see here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BydyXO59FB2GSU8tdTNtNVhMTmM/view.  

Christina Cole, United States of America Chapter Advocate

Apr 6, 17 / Tau 12, 01 16:25 UTC

What would one do as a Chapter Assistant?

I live in the southeastern USA, so could help there. I have been told I am pleasant and sociable, so there is that.


Jun 7, 17 / Can 18, 01 19:52 UTC

Unfortunently, the recruitment drive period has ended, or, I would submit my own information. Any way I still can? Or, just need to sit and watch for the next one?

Jun 8, 17 / Can 19, 01 11:23 UTC

No openings for Chapter Assistants, though, I notice.


Sep 20, 17 / Sco 11, 01 08:51 UTC

I am interested, please vote for me under parliament

Sep 21, 17 / Sco 12, 01 00:14 UTC

I would love to help out in the Northeast of the USA. But I see that the positions for Chapter Assistants has been closed. :(