Can we establish U.S. Asgardian entities yet? In case of future emergency an asgardian shouldn't feel alone among confused earthlings in their home cities. To prevent citizen rivalry and misunderstanding we should protect our present selected Asgardians A.S.A.P . Any Asgardians in Sacramento Ca? I Have access to 400 acres of farmland in current crop rotations that reside in between 2 bodies of water one being the Delta/ Sacramento deep water channel and the other river levees and sloughs. It's perfect for a Low Key Asgardian research Base / space and technology training "Fun space camp for kids and adults" with waterfront levee access for small watercraft and and is only 20 min from the State Capitol of California U.S. Our Organic Farm here is in the beginning stages of a massive "farm to fork movement" and entertainment venue to solve massive hunger issues and raise money for Asgardia and the beginning stages of the Northern California Sacramento Devision of Asgardia. I need help for the Investment in this Base itself first and Freeze-drying equipment to make our Asgardian Organic space food from Our organic farm here now. This is all in the effort decentralize stigma and anxiety to initiate "near earth space" travel first before going anywhere like Alfa Centauri let's chill and work from Mother Earth.. Let's Build places to congregate and start to develop these products with 3-d printers etc, robotics, and develop special Asgardian ops on behalf of Dr Ashurbeyli. Any investors here want to help me? Or please tell me when and where we can discuss these things? Thank you 😎 God bless and Hail Asgardia