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I suggest you get out of this while you still can, before any of this becomes official and a real threat to the few privileges we have left to us here on Earth.

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Nov 16, 17 / Sag 12, 01 23:23 UTC

Hello from Baton Rouge!

I'm looking for support in my Debutant aspirations :)

I'm intending to establish a platform for the democratic development, preservation, and education concerning the Asgardian Constitution. Please visit my candidacy page to vote: https://asgardia.space/en/blog/candidate/897391-19242-for-the-development-preservation-and-education-concerning-the-asgardian-constitution/

I'm also pasting a description of my goals below for convenience:

Textual Criticism is one of the foremost passions of my life. I consider it of the utmost importance that the intended truths of a document be preserved from corruption. Formulating texts such as constitutions are often corrupted via misrepresentation, unlawful adjustment, and a lack of public understanding of their contents.

I hope to be considered at this time for a local leadership role that would entail advocating for the education of Asgardians (current and potential) as to the content of the Asgardian Constitution, promoting social awareness of its ideals, and encouraging the democratic processes involved in developing, preserving, and educating others on the Constitution.

As Asgardia is a budding nation, it may never be as important as it is now for its public society to understand its founding Constitution, and the ideals thereof. Should the public find any discrepancies, ambiguities, or shortcomings of the Asgardian Constitution in process of this education, the people should be educated and encouraged in the processes of submitting the proper petitions to form appropriate referendums of constitutional amendment.

My personal experience with textual criticism involves a regular and devoted study of ancient manuscripts, combined with the study of arguments concerning such texts. I have a deep passion for discovering and preserving the knowledge of the intent of the author(s), in hopes of preserving the ideals within the text for subsequent generations. I feel that this is a respectable and crucial ideal, especially in the early stages of such a new type of nation as Asgardia. Let's not allow the mistakes of the past to repeat themselves as we launch into the new and exciting frontier of space citizenship!

I look forward to serving you as your Debutant as we work together to pursue these goals!

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Hi South Region! My name is Christopher Currier and I'm located in Texas. I just wanted to say hi and see who else is out there from the DFW area.