Dec 22, 16 / Cap 21, 00 15:50 UTC

Feedback to VOA  

Please listen to VOA at and visit our website at Any feedback, constructive critique or idea is welcome.

PS: Click on these links with your mouse wheel to keep this page open.

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Dec 22, 16 / Cap 21, 00 17:01 UTC

Don't want to sound mean but the VOA's logo is kinda ugly, it needs to be more futuristic(i mean high technology design like this, And for the music it could be something like this added in the mix or this Apologies if the links annoy you.

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Dec 22, 16 / Cap 21, 00 18:25 UTC

Kronos, feel free to submit your own logo. :)

Dec 22, 16 / Cap 21, 00 18:56 UTC

I have no such amazing skills in drawing, i can't draw anything beyond eldritch horror stick figures(translation:horrendous drawing). I am the guy with the ideas.

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Dec 24, 16 / Cap 23, 00 05:53 UTC

Awww, shame the playlist is powered with Spotify :( A big no-go for me I guess you just work with what you have for now, but a more open system with no requirement for bloated commercial or advert-filled software, would be preferable later.

Unless Asgardia can control or hand-pick the adverts that will be played during audio streams, Ad-powered services should be avoided. 2017 will see much more abuse of adverts and malvertising (even spotify has been used to deliver malware), so Asgardia must pay attention to such things.

Services like Mixcloud, Reverbnation, and Mixlr, allow tagged long-mixes or radio shows, and will play in a browser.

Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 05:47 UTC

I for one really like that its on spotify, I really like the platform and think its a good tool. I am happy to see it :)

Jan 4, 17 / Aqu 04, 01 01:10 UTC

Hello everyone, please note that the Spotify playlist is only temporarily due to technical difficulties. We aim to be live again very soon!

Mar 1, 17 / Ari 04, 01 21:44 UTC

Just a question: why a .com website and not .space one or, even better, a subtree under (like
I would remember that .com is mantained (and under control of) USA, and we're not, and we should not be.
This apart, it seems to me a nice initiative, hope it's coordinated with the main staff.
I would specify that mine is not a comment against VoA but only I would prefer something "more asgardian".

I also agree with @Doc.flay.

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Reason: precisations

Mar 2, 17 / Ari 05, 01 12:39 UTC

I can't even get it to run. Trying it on Chrome, latest version.


I expect it's because most folks expect websites to be a .com, just out of consistency. Ryan (the OP) is in government, so I expect he coordinated this with Asgardian government officials.

Mar 6, 17 / Ari 09, 01 15:07 UTC

Thank you to have pointed me to the TLD's thread: that's my thoughts about it and about .com (
At least, I'm expecting, for the moment, VoA to use .space which, just to say, from a marketing's point of view, is "strange enough" to attract people. ;-)

Mar 6, 17 / Ari 09, 01 15:29 UTC

It must be something about my work computer. It won't block the webpage, but perhaps the media itself is being blocked by our firewall.

I am trying it on my cellphone. The sound now runs. Music is a bit new-edgy for me. This music sounds more like electronica easy listening music.

Not bad, I will admit, but not something I would listen to all day except for my duties as a journalist. My preferences are for harder rock with a strong beat.

Mar 6, 17 / Ari 09, 01 15:52 UTC

Just a question: why a .com website and not .space one or, even better, a subtree under (like

I phear what you would mean is a "subdomain". It would be possible to embed content from VOA into /voicesofasgardia - but it'd be "easier" (and, IMHO, more sensible for all parties involved) to create a new subdomain - say: - and have it's A record point at the VOA's IP. To achieve this is trivial and should take but a few seconds of the administrators time, it costs nothing to setup or maintain with only the destination IP being required and "knowlege" of this new DNS map should filter across the interwebs in less than 48hrs.

Mar 6, 17 / Ari 09, 01 16:22 UTC

Agree! :-)

As soon as they won't use .com any solution is "nice" to me: (subtree "old type" solution) or, even better, (subdomain solution) as you suggested.
Maybe, the latter, should leave to VoA admins more freedom than to work into the main three.

I worked with both of them, while handling my own website and blog: it just depends on what one think is more important: to be "under" (1st solution) or to be something "parallel" but still related (2nd solution: 3rd level domain). I've no prejudices for both solutions even if the second is "newer".

Mar 7, 17 / Ari 10, 01 00:48 UTC


Such ideas don't really take into account things like the extra infrastructure that would require to be deployed and maintained to responsibly provide for such - after demonstration that much simpler operations with less potential impact are beyond capabilities - or the fact that you don't get to select the ccTLD.

Mar 7, 17 / Ari 10, 01 05:40 UTC

To clarify: there is no government. I am a volunteer. I am working closely with official delegates in regards to media, news respectively. My goal is to design a communication system that has the ability to expand as technology and need arises. Voices of Asgardia is part of that project. I am not paid by Asgardia and my time is donated by choice. I am not special, except for my role in Civic Asgardia, which is a volunteer organization. CA is volunteer run under the direction of Rebekah Berg, and it's purpose is to organize the population and maintain records.

I have received endorsement for VOA from Lena De Winne and hope it will get to be a part of every Asgardians life. I want to bring music and entertainment to begin the formation of our new culture - and I'm always open to suggestion.

I seek synergy with people I can work with, an open and comfortable flow of conversation that balances a fair debate with logical thinking and an open mind to understand other perspectives.