Jan 27, 18 / Aqu 27, 02 21:32 UTC

Greetings fellow Asgardians!  

Hello and welcome to the one and united nation of Asgardia. I'm honored and glad to be an asgardian like you are. I would love to make  fellow Asgardian friends.

Jan 28, 18 / Pis 00, 02 02:33 UTC

Greetings and welcome!

Feb 1, 18 / Pis 04, 02 16:44 UTC

Saludos cordiales amigos y amigas.

Feb 15, 18 / Pis 18, 02 11:06 UTC

Fellow Asgardians.. I wasnt even thinking when I joined this group but am I going to be kept from joining your group because I had troubles with the law regarding marijuana about 9 years ago when I was 20? I know that on the ship once it's made that laws will be very strict and I am so more than willing to follow them. Please don't leave me behind because of my past on Earth...