I guess this part of the forum is meant for introductions. Well then.

Hello, my name is Sergey. Age 19.

When I first heard about Asgardia I was really excited. Told pretty much everyone about this project, this idea. Because this is simply amazing! This thing we're making here it's... it's the future!

So, when I joined I was one of the first 30k, if I remember correctly. Can't believe Asgardia grew so much since then! This is amazing.

About myself... I always thought that this place above the skies is where we have to go. I read a lot of science fiction but also trying to figure out what's possible and what isn't in those books. I actually started thinking about trying to write something recently. Again. Finding a muse or motivation is kind of tricky.

I really want us not to fail this. Asgardia is... the only way to the Future.

Have a good one,
Ishkov S.