Jun 17, 17 / Leo 00, 01 00:00 UTC

Greetings from Marquette Michigan  

Hello to everyone! I am a 36 year old married woman. I live in Marquette Mi, and would love to get together with others from my area once in awhile, to get to know my fellow countrymen.

Currently i have no children of my own, and though i hope for at least one. We do have 4 cats, whom are very much like our children. Plus since my husband and I act at our community theater we usually get a number of kids there each summer, to them we are the theater parents. 

Hobbies for me are acting, writing (haven't completed my novel yet), reading, singing, cooking and baking, video/computer gaming, table top RPGs, daydreaming, and a bit of light gardening.

It is my hope to go to the station once it is built in the food service sector, and entertainment with acting and singing on the side. My present job is food service, and I LOVE it, both because I love my work and i love my coworkers. However the number one thing that makes me happy to do such a job, even with some people telling me to go to college and get a degree and get 'a real job', is the fact that with my work i make people happy. I love seeing the eyes of people light up as they look and reach for my baked goods, or as they eat a bowl of the soup i made.

Hope to get to know a great many of you!

Jun 17, 17 / Leo 00, 01 01:17 UTC

Hello Kirrishar, and Welcome!

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