Apr 11, 17 / Tau 17, 01 19:06 UTC

Greetings from Sacramento, California, USA  

I've recently moved to the Sacramento area, after spending more than 3 decades in California's "Silicon Valley."  I'm a software entrepreneur, and I provide consulting services for startup companies, as well as working on several venture of my own.

I'm currently working on a book, with the working title "The Silicon Valley Solution:  How to Build a Successful Business without Moving to Silicon Valley."

As a hobby, I also have a website californiamissionguide.com.  The Spanish missions, built in California, were the first step in the European settlement of the west, and they are an important part of California history.  (There were also missions built in the areas that are now Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, as well as several provinces in Mexico.)

If anyone has questions about California, Sacramento, Silicon Valley, or startup companies, message me and I will try to answer.

Apr 11, 17 / Tau 17, 01 20:13 UTC

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