Dec 20, 17 / Cap 18, 01 18:51 UTC

Hello, and let's make Asgardia A REALITY  

Since I haven't done it yet, hello everyone! Hello Asgardia :)

I would love to see this project prosper and evolve into a pragmatic endavour that has chances of success, and more!

Since the idea correlates with me, I became a parliamentary candidate as well. If you would like, you can vote at:

Dec 20, 17 / Cap 18, 01 23:48 UTC

Hello Sebastian,

First let me welcome you officially :)  As you might know, We have many discussions ,you are welcome to join them. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms if you haven’t already. Be sure to review the Code of Conduct . Don’t forget to keep up with Asgardia News and Announcements.  English is the language used on most forums. The exception is on the regional forums where you can use your own language. It is recommended to use Google Translate or Bing Translator if English is not a language that you know well. Follow the link to the Regional forums. If you have any further questions please let us know. You can also join our facebook group @

Also , since this are is for welcoming new members, please remove your platform link from your post. You can post all your candidacy information here 

Thank you for your cooperation

Jan 8, 18 / Aqu 08, 02 03:20 UTC

We need to rely on all of us together as many groups focusing on the same goal. Our "leader " got the ball rolling . One of the things I've noticed is things like building a space station or astriod mining but not so much about where funding will come from . It really Is like herding cats! Setting the corner stone and building blocks are not as fun. I hope this changes welcome and good luck on your running for Parliament