Hi Fellow Asgardians.

John here. My boat's name is Stone Age. My wife Lucy and I have been sailing around the western Caribbean for the past 5 years and are loving every minute of it. We sailed down from Vancouver Island Canada.

I am a Marine and business consultant as well as manufacturer's agent for several products ranging from sailboats to USB sticks. Let me know what you need and I'll find it for you AND it will be a great price - but you might have to buy a container full :-).

I am here because of the idea of my kids being able to head up to a space station "city" so to speak. It's a great concept and something that has been dreamed about as long as I can remember. My wife and I are explorers by heart and love new frontiers. Now we just have to live long enough to visit the station at least once :-). Great to be part of the process however.

Cheers. Stone Age