Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 15:50 UTC

Hello from the Netherlands! 😆  

Hello you all! 😆  What a pleasure to be part of Asgardia! The whole idea is so cool and I'm looking forward to be able to live in the space! I love moving around, reading and chatting, which are some of the best ways to explore everything :) Favourite quotes are "nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so" and "the art within the arts is communication and understanding"... Ok, that's all for today! I wish you best of luck in every aspect of your life! 😄

Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 16:54 UTC

Hello @aquarc and welcome to the forum!

Please feel free to join in with our discussions. Don't forget to check out our Forum Announcements section here we post all sorts of general information, and keep an eye on the Asgardia News section. We ask that you be familiar with the  Code of Conduct  for your posting convenience.