Hi every body!
My name is Vincenzo, i'm from italy i just want to greet everybody here and give a little introduction, first of all i just got to know about Asgardia project 2 days ago, i really loved the idea of peace and progression (specially in technology), i'm sorry for eventually mistakes present in my writing how probably you already understood english is not my native language xD
What can i say about me... ya i use study computer, software and hardware but now i got a new hobby i just want to explore the fields of mechatronics and robotics.
I like socialize with people and learn new stuff, aside the general overview of Asgardia i don't know too much about it, i hope some of you more expert then me could tell me more about the things going on and how to keep myself update, also by addressing me to a link, also if i guess i can find  lots of stuff in this forum...
I'm also open to new friendships, i don't use to eat anybody xD so don't be shy if you just want to know me or talk me about Asgardia and the projects in it.
And yea, i thing that's it, Love Ya byee :)