Cap 21, 00 / Dec 22, 16 20:52 UTC

Hi from the Netherlands  

Hey everyone, I'm also a first time poster here, though I've been lurking about.

I just hope that with the forums being up, we can make something great out of Asgardia together as one united people. I seriously love this idea.

Enjoy and have a great life. Until we meet in real.

Cap 21, 00 / Dec 22, 16 21:09 UTC

Hi Carel,

As i see there is no topic for the Netherlands.

If you or someone else is interested to set up a group/topic for the Netherlands ask the mods or admins about it.

In the mean while you are also welcome in the Belgian group if you want. ;-)

Grtz, Dirk.

Cap 21, 00 / Dec 22, 16 21:10 UTC

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Cap 22, 00 / Dec 23, 16 15:45 UTC

Ill just add my greetings with the other Dutch people.

Tim here, also from the Netherland, really like the possiblities of Asgardia, hoping it will all work out and no matter what will enjoy the ride! I am experienced in the fields of business intelligence and sustainablity. I have created a sustainability reporting platform and hope to apply my knowledge where applicable.