Nov 16, 17 / Sag 12, 01 23:50 UTC

I want to help develop the space economy  

greetings everyone. I am a new asgardian, found out about the project and knew I had to be a part of this epic endeavor. My name is ricardo, and I am a cryptocurrency enthiusiast. I have also been a hobbyist organic gardener, and worked in the nursery business during my younger days. I have studied permaculture,hydroponics, aquaponics, indoor growing techniques and sustainable home building techniques such as earthships, ecodomes, etc. I have also studied natural cures and herbal medicine. I would like to use my wide range of knowledge and skills to setup a business in the newly launched asgardian economy. I would also like to network and work together with other hopeful space entrepreneurs. I just wanted to say hello and see if any other of my new space brothers and sisters have considered participating in the space economy. Please give me your feedback, and lets change the world!

Nov 17, 17 / Sag 13, 01 14:28 UTC

Hi Ricardo,  I too am a new citizen and I share many of your same interests in terms of agriculture.  I don't have a very good understanding of crypto currency however and am trying to understand why Asgardia would want to adopt Solar as the cryptocurrency (especially as opposed to developing our own).  Do I understand that the only way to acquire Solar currency is to generate solar power?  If so, that makes it pretty inaccessible to a lot of folks.