Aug 10, 17 / Vir 26, 01 12:16 UTC

Salutations from Spain  

Hi everyone!

I'm a software/web developer from Valencia, Spain. I'm very happy to see how this project is being formed. I would be glad to help in any technical work.

See you around!

Aug 10, 17 / Vir 26, 01 13:53 UTC

Hi @Levinor

Glad to know that you are wiling to offer your assistance to Asgardia..

Please see the forum announcement section over there we have put new volunteers recruitment drive thread just go through that & offer your assistance in any one of the following position that you are willing to join....


Kashif shaikh

Community Manager of India For Asgardia

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Aug 11, 17 / Vir 27, 01 06:50 UTC

Hi @kashif shaikh

Ok, I'll give it a look. One question, I want to run for Strategist, is it compatible to volunteer and be a representative?

Thank you