The name is Cristian Adrian Garcia, I would like to share a little bit of my vision and philosophy in life.. A push toward the evolution of consciousness to free us from the invisible shackles holdings us down. For humans to finally realize that we are all ONE! That there is no such thing as country’s, race, creed,’s all a structure made up to divide us..the human race. To distract us from what really matters in life..ever since I became aware of who/what I am

I have a vision of a future where we all finally unite as one race and evolve instead of staying on that same patter of hate and greed that has taken us nowhere . Here for a reason, Crossing paths with Asgardia was not out of luck. I believe that it starts with our youth, by sparking their creativity instead of cutting it like the mundane school system does that most of us went to. Passing them the knowledge and wisdom from a young age, encouragement, the understanding that everyone one has their own unique abilities, ideas, ways of learning etc. Turning the next generation into little super humans. If there’s any way that I can contribute in Art, science, technology, or in the research of the human mind, psychedelic research please let me know. I would love to be part of the vision that you guys have. This is the turning point for the human species !