Oct 5, 17 / Sco 26, 01 22:36 UTC

Yo everyone, Tumo here! :)  

Hello to everyone. I am Tumoshimo, or Tumo for short, 29yo and currently living in Serbia. 

You could describe me like technological dreamer with eyes always pointed in deep night sky. Love mechanic, electronics, computers, space in general, Japan, Japanese martial arts... and a lot of other suffs. Beside my native language I know English, German(altho I didn't speak in 10 years), and now trying to learn Japanese.

Like most of you I got interested in this idea united, peacefully, knowledge and space oriented nation. So I joined and see little deeper is it worth it or is just some joke. Yeah, that's a reason why is my avatar a mecha(yes, I am fan of mecha). With passing time I will upload my real photo for avatar.

So... that is in short about me. Questions? :)

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Oct 6, 17 / Sco 27, 01 00:40 UTC

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