I'd like to introduce myself in this Forum of Youth and Education

I am Alexandre Comtois StarWalker I will not say what I've done but what I want to do now and look forward.

I have a goal of building Self-Sufficient cities !

As much of helping citizen of cities being hit by Natural Cataclysm as much for the Free knowledge sharing for Space Cadets and the Crew of the Station and Ships later! By getting title and the recognition of the whole Team as part of the Ministry it would help me in the Prospecting of Peoples, Institute Groups and Teachers. I am a Director of a Non-Profit Organization the CSM (Club de Solidarité Mondiale/World Solidarity Club) I am an Ambassador of the Earth as a Cosmic Being And now with all the changes that occurs I think we are ready to work for the Future in this Wonderful Golden Age of Aquarius!!! Let's Co-Create

The whole city can be a Space Cadet, Ground crew training University for the future Stations and Ships for Explorers. We have an Futuristic Architect which design a whole Self-Sufficient city that we can all upgrade with new Technology instead of patching old ones!

I send you Peace Love Light Health and Prosperity Namaste

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