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An exciting and unique opportunity has opened for Asgardia's citizens as we mark another important step in our journey to becoming the first space nation in human history; The Mayoral Elections. Since the founding of Asgardia, citizens have been calling for ways to directly support the nation and help build the vision of our head of nation, Igor Ashurbeyli. That time has now come on an unprecedented scale.

Over the next few months, hundreds of people from all over the world will stand to represent their localities and campaign to become the mayor for their city.

Candidates will raise the flag of Asgardia, reach out to new citizens, make new contacts and encourage people to vote for them.

The top candidates that run the best campaigns, have the most votes and do the most good for the nation will be selected to become official representatives of Asgardia in their locality and will report directly to the Head of Nation's administration. For those that believe in breaking out of the negative cycle of geopolitics, who believe in building a peaceful nation in space, and who want to become directly involved in building the nation, now is your time to act.


Mayors will be responsible for anchoring and organising local communities of Asgardian citizens. They will perform an important role in reaching out to new Asgardian citizens and forging meaningful relationships with local businesses, universities and professionals. Mayors will truly become the heart of their cities and build up a real 'grass roots' movement that will help humanity break out of the geopolitical cycle and start to focus on 'space politics'.


Responsibilities of a mayor include:

  • 1.

    Recruitment of new residents and citizens.

  • 2.

    Reaching out to businesses who may want to work with Asgardia.

  • 3.

    Working with universities where bright young minds may be building the next great space start-up.


  • 4.

    Connecting with local communities.

  • 5.

    Networking with local professionals and influences.

  • 6.

    Managing relations with local Media, press, publications and websites.

  • 7.

    Helping to raise funds so that Asgardia can continue to grow and achieve its vision of peaceful habitation of space.


Asgardia’s Mayors will be a driving force for the development of the nation and there are some great reasons to get involved:

  • 1.

    Once elected, take up an official position in the first ever space nation and run your own mayoral office for an entire calendar year.


  • 2.

    Become directly involved in Asgardia’s growth.

  • 3.

    Work directly with the Head of Nation’s administration.

  • 4.

    Coordinate with central branches of government.

  • 5.

    Manage your office by appointing your own deputies and PR managers.


  • 6.

    Enjoy the challenge of building a brand-new nation.

  • 7.

    Get invited to exclusive, official Asgardian events.

  • 8.

    Coordinate with central branches of government.

  • 9.

    Receive a budget to help run your office and support your activities.


To qualify for the position of Mayor, you must meet the following criteria:


  • 1.

    You must be willing to run the office and fulfill the responsibilities to the best of your ability for at least one calendar year.

  • 2.

    You must be a minimum of age 18.

  • 3.

    You must pay an initial registration fee of 100 euro.


  • 4.

    Your profile must be up to date with accurate information including name, address, location, profile picture and any supporting documents.

  • 5.

    You must be willing to submit a campaign introduction video.

  • 6.

    Administration reserve the right to remove candidates from the election process at its discretion, returning the registration fee.

The Campaign

How to get elected as Mayor

The campaign for the coveted positions of mayor is expected to be fierce with hundreds of people from all over the world running against one another. To become your city’s mayor, the strength of your campaign will be important and winning will be based on the following criteria:

  • 1.

    The total number of votes that you got from existing citizens and residents.

  • 2.

    The total number of new residents who joined Asgardia by your referral link.

  • 3.

    The quality of your electoral campaign.


Reaching out to people nearby and sharing your message on social media will be one of the key steps to getting the votes that you need, and your campaign pages will be equipped with a range of social sharing buttons so that you can let all your friends know about your campaign.

Similarly, you will be able to keep followers and future citizens updated on your campaign activities by using your own personal blog on


A mayor’s ability to inspire people to think about the future, and to understand the Asgardian vision is a key part of the role. Mayors will have the chance to demonstrate their capability by using a unique link that will count the number of new Asgardian citizens that mayor has brought to the nation.

It is important that each mayor conducts themselves in a professional manner when recruiting new citizens and connecting with businesses, universities and community leaders in their region so that we can start to build a strong global reputation.

Running a Quality

Mayors will hold a key position in Asgardia and those that successfully become elected to the position of Mayor will be responsible for growing the nation and representing Asgardia in local media, so, running a quality campaign is important for mayoral candidates.

It is not enough to simply go online and start sharing your unique link with people, successful candidates will be those that consider how they can reach out to people near them, hold events, network with businesses, reach out to local media and think ‘outside the box’ to create an impression on their region and on the election commission.

The Process

The Elections August 01 - September 09, 2018

  • Residents from cities with less than 100 Asgardians will be given an opportunity to vote and nominate themselves in bigger nearby cities.

  • Applications for the mayoral elections will begin (see requirements).

  • Voters can start to see and favourite mayoral candidates.

  • Regions will need to have a population of at least 100 Asgardians to be eligible to have Mayors.

  • Valid candidates who have satisfied all the requirements will have a ‘vote’ button appear on their candidate page and associated election pages.

  • Social sharing buttons will be available to help small regions bring in more Citizens.

  • Voters can cast their votes and support their mayor of choice.

  • Candidates who have not paid their registration fee will receive a final reminder on 25/08/2018.

Counting September 09 - 17, 2018

  • The elections will close, and the vote counts will begin.


Campaign Page

A candidate’s campaign page is their first chance to connect with potential voters from their region. First impressions are very important. Campaign pages should be well written and tell the reader about you and why you should become the mayor for their region. You should also include a video to your potential supporters so that they can get to know you even better. Your campaign page should explain how you plan to grow Asgardia, how you intend to create a robust Asgardian community in your region and, how you can attract businesses, startups and local influencers.

Personal Blog

Your personal blog on is a great place to keep everyone updated on your campaign progress. Share images and write accounts of what you have been doing to reach out and inspire people to join the space nation. An active blog can help to convince voters in your area that you have what it takes to become their mayor.

Special Mayoral Support Team

During the mayoral elections, all mayors will have access to a special support team that will be on hand to answer their questions and help with basic organisational tasks. Asgardians who’s applications were accepted will have access to special closed forums where the support team will consult with them on the election process, presentation of video messages, rules and help candidates solve problems relating to the elections.

Asgardia branded

The most influential mayors for the top cities will be supplied with Asgardia-branded merchandise to help them build upon their campaign success including banners, caps, flags, stickers, pins and more.