Factbox: A report on Igor Ashurbeyli's first 100 days

1. 180000 Asgardians from 233 countries have passed the second verification and received the Certificate of Asgardia;

2. The website asgardia.space, which will become Asgardia's official government site, and forum  have been launched;

3. The domain for asgardia.com has been purchased, and will soon become Asgardia's commercial site;

4. Asgardia Flag contest, which featured 2852 participants from 124 countries and 7372 flags, has been completed;

5. Asgardia Insignia contest, which featured 414 participants from 86 countries and 6426 insignias, has been completed;

6. Asgardia Anthem contest, which featured 328  participants from 63  countries and 487 anthems, has been completed;

7. The Asgardian calendar has been introduced;

8. Asgardia Declaration of Unity has been created and published for community discussion;

9. Asgardia Constitution content has been drafted and presented for review;

10. Unified Voting Day  has been set for June 18, 2017 (Asgard 1st, 0001);

11. Three Asgardian national holidays have been announced;

12. Non-commercial, non-government organization (NGO) “Asgardia” has been registered as a prototype of the future full-fledged state. The acceptance of charitable donations has begun;

13. "Asgardia" AG has been registered,  shares can now be purchased by all Asgardians;

14. Trademarks of Asgardia, AsgardiaSpace, Asgardia Space have been officially registered in the European Union in the appropriate classes.  Trademark Asgardia has been registered in the appropriate classes in the United States.  Trademark applications for other classes  have been submitted.

15. Asgardia has teamed up with BOINC, which will allow to donate unused CPU power to the advancement of scientific research;

16. New groups have been set up on Facebook. There are now four official groups, including Voice of Asgardia Radio and Asgardia TV, and fifty regional groups with approximately 145000 followers. There are also about 10000 followers on Twitter.

17. Volunteer groups have been established in various countries;

18. Asgardia sponsored  a musical festival held in Gagarin, Russia on the International Day of the First Human Space Flight;

19. Many international meetings have been held to discuss the issues surrounding Asgardia's official recognition by the UN, as well as other matters of organizational and legal nature;

20. Asgardia team members gave numerous media interviews explaining Asgardia's primary objectives.

There are more exciting news coming soon! Be ready for the announcement of Igor Ashurbeyli's upcoming press conference,  which will be held in Hong Kong on June 13, 2017 (June 24th, 0001).

Do not forget to vote on June 18, 2017 (Asgard 1st, 0001) to receive special bonuses!