2 Years Ago Today, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli Was Inaugurated Asgardia’s First Head of Nation

Leo 8, 0002 (June 25, 2018), Dr Igor Ashurbeyli was officially inaugurated as Asgardia’s first ever Head of Nation at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria.

Guests from more than 40 countries attended the ceremony: diplomats, members of UN-affiliated organizations, newly elected Asgardian Members of Parliament, astronauts, space industry representatives, scientists, and media from all over the world.

The ceremony was hosted by Asgardia’s Chairman of Parliament, Lembit Öpik, and Supreme Justice, Yun Zhao.

Following his oath of office, new Head of Nation Dr Ashurbeyli announced Asgardia’s main scientific and political goals, including making living in space a reality for Asgardian people and the formation of a Government to make this possible.

“By uniting in Asgardia, the progressive part of humanity can offer the whole civilization on Earth an alternative by replacing geopolitics with space politics and thereby open up a path to a new spiral of development,” he said.

Most guests remember the ceremony as solemn and hearty at the same time, with the National Anthem of Asgardia sung by an international children’s choir having a particularly touching effect.

Vina Lapkes