A Cosmonaut Will Greet The Space Nation

Cosmonaut Dumitru Prunariu calls Asgardia the first nation in the history of mankind that pursues the interests of all mankind, not a separate group pf people. The day that the civilization of the Earth celebrates the first-ever space  flight performed by Yuri Gagarin, Dumitru Prunariu will speak at the First Asgardia Executive Congress in Vienna

On April 16-18 April, 003 (10-12 April, 2019) Asgardia writes another groundbreaking moment into its history books as for the first time ever the entire cast of the Space Nation's leadership will come together in Vienna for an Executive Congress

The Congress will be the forum for a range of important discussions, reports and proposals from the Ministries and Parliamentary committees that is set to pave the way for Asgardia's short, medium and long-term strategy.

Asgardia is a Nation with a strong scientific focus, its primary mission being to solve the problems facing humanity as they look to settle amongst the stars. With eyes on a Moon-Base and a series of habitable platforms known as Arks, the Space Nation’s success will be pinned upon the advancement of science, thus, the attendance of Cosmonaut Dumitru Prunariu will be a welcome addition to the Executive Congress

Prunariu has had a bright career in the field of Space. He flew aboard the Salyut 6 space laboratory and the Soyuz 40 spacecraft, earning him the awards of

Hero of Romania” and “Hero of the Soviet Union.”

Prunariu may well understand the challenges that face Asgardia better than most - not only is he a space-exploring cosmonaut and scientist, but he also served in the Ministry of Transportation, giving him a unique insight exclusively relevant to the fledgeling Space Nation of Asgardia

Prunariu will address the Executive Congress on April 18, 0003 (April 12, 2019), where he is expected to give a speech on the anniversary of the historical flight of the first man to go into space, Yuri Gagarin, and the International Day of Human Space Flight - a topic that will resonate with many Asgardians who wish to see a future where humanity inhabit and explore the stars.

Asgardia is the first Nation in world history that explicitly seeks to protect the entire humanity from the threats originating from space, to provide equal access to any scientist in the world to conducting research in space, and to set up habitable orbital platform - Space Ark, and eventually Moon settlement,” Dumitru Prunariu says.