An update on Ministries from Prime Minister Ana Mercedes Diaz

Asgardia’s Prime Minister has been hard at work forming the Ministries by conducting a robust interview and selection process which is now coming to the final stages. Continuing with her drive for a transparent process she said, “I am happy to announce that the candidates chosen to fill the corresponding Ministry positions will soon be sent to the Parliament of Asgardia for their due approval.”

Parliament are set to receive a detailed report about the selection process and information about each individual candidate so that they can make an informed decision about the candidates. 

The Prime Minister has also started to outline the definitions of the ministries starting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

“Today we can start talking about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”, Ms Diaz says “One of its priorities will be to consolidate relations of exchange and cooperation with other nations and to achieve official recognition, not only by nations, but also from international organizations.” she added. 

Asgardia’s Ministry of Foreign affairs will have someone “experienced with clear and well-defined policies.” who will be able to take firm and safe steps towards this goal. 

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament, which recently announced its Chair and Deputy Chair, will be responsible for debating and developing laws that will facilitate the work of the ministry and compliance with article 29 of the constitution which is as follows: 

1. Asgardia shall conduct its foreign policy based on its mission and Supreme Values, as well as its national interest. 

2. Achieving international legal recognition of Asgardia, including establishing diplomatic relations with the Earth States, and opening embassies and consulates in such States, shall be one of the objectives of Asgardia’s foreign policy. 

3. Asgardia shall open embassies in all continents of the Earth. 

4. Asgardia’s foreign policy shall be aimed at achieving a balance of general space and planetary interests, and its national interest. 

5. Asgardia shall build international relations and collaborates with other States on the basis of international treaties and agreements executed by authorized governmental bodies. 

6. The common norms of international law shall be components of Asgardia’s legal system. These norms shall have priority over Asgardia’s laws provided they do not threaten Asgardia’s supreme mission of its own existence. 

7. In resolving international disputes, Asgardia shall seek to reach settlements under general, comprehensive, and binding international arbitration proceedings.

The next step in this process was outlined by Parliament who recently posted their Autumn agenda for the provisional Parliamentary session due to take place between the 3rd and 5th of October wherein one of the agenda items is to conduct a review of the candidates presented by the Prime Minister. 

The Prime Minister’s closing words touched on the journey Asgardia has taken so far, but also hinted at the things yet to come when she said, “Asgardia has already made history. With an active parliament, a constitution approved by more than its 265,000 Residents, and a small sovereign territory in space orbit, we are about to approve the government that will allow us to materialize the plans that will lead us to become the first Space Nation.”