Ana Mercedes Diaz: 'The Nation Must First be Shaped, Build its Historic Identity'

On Asgardia's founding day, Prime Minister Ana Mercedes Diaz tells Asgardia Space News about the prospects of the official recognition of the Space Nation, outlined in the congratulatory post from the Head of Nation

What work has been done, by the Government in general, and by the Foreign Affairs Ministry in particular, to ensure that Asgardia is recognized by other countries as a full-fledged state?

Since the Government was formed five months ago, we have endeavored to establish relationships with international organizations, such as the Center for Near Space of the Italian Institute for the Future, and also with the Mexican Space Agency, which are both intimately linked to the governments of Italy and Mexico, respectively. A cooperation agreement was signed with the first, and with the second there was an important participation of the Asgardian Ministry of Culture in the Mexico towards the Moon international Congress. Following these institutional exchanges, activities have been carried out and joint further activities are planned, in order to continue promoting Asgardia.

Similar agreements and activities are being promoted with other high-level organizations such as the University of Bologna and the Mediterranean Foundation in Italy, and we hope to have good news about it soon. The Ministers Olimpia Niglio and Eric Lee have had a fundamental participation in all this, and are working hard to fulfill other significant achievements that are still under process, which may be announced at the time, always focused on the future to be achieved the recognition of Asgardia as a Nation by the international community.

Does the general plan of work of Asgardia's government exist, aimed at establishing relations with foreign institutions?

There is an Asgardia Government Plan 2019 based on which all ministerial activities have been carried out, and focused mainly on the formation and development of the Nation and its entire organizational, physical, economic structure, as well as its legacy to humanity through scientific, technological, academic and cultural identity contributions, which will allow the inevitable and unquestionable international recognition as a full-fledged Nation.

International recognition is the result of an arduous and gradual process, and will be the result of the contribution that Asgardia provides to the world, and will be determined by the fulfillment of the three conditions that are indispensable in the framework of International Law for the existence of the States: territory, population and power. The objective of the Government Plan is to reach such constitutive requirements and deliver an unprecedented scientific legacy to humanity.

How important is it for Asgardia to become a member of international organizations? Which of these should be the goal for accession in the coming years?

It is very important and indispensable for Asgardia and its Government to belong to international organizations in the highest spheres of the world, since through them we will be able to spread with greater scope the raison d'être and purpose of our Nation: the protection of the Earth and of the human species, and the creation of the first space civilization, making possible the birth of the first human in space, as has been explained several times by the Head of the Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli.

Membership of the United Nations Organization has always been one of the main objectives for Asgardia, but not the only one. There are organizations at the scientific and technological level, which we would also be proud to be a part of, and which is being contacted for that purpose, as well as for carrying out joint activities through cooperation agreements.

How realistic is it for Asgardia to join the UN?

Asgardia's membership in the United Nations Organization is a close and realistic possibility that we can certainly aspire to in the medium term, and it is something that is being worked on from all the institutional instances of our Nation.

When do you expect mutual recognition of Asgardia with any country and subsequent establishment of diplomatic relations?

As soon as Asgardia reaches a more advanced level of development, capable of generating opportunities for countries that recognize our Nation.

The economic growth and social, scientific and cultural enrichment of Asgardian society is our north and focus of our work, and it is what will allow that recognition to be achieved.


Are there countries that Asgardia has already approached with a proposal for mutual recognition?

To achieve recognition of Asgardia, the Nation must first be shaped, which implies building its historical identity. A Nation is the result of a process of intellectual and material construction in which complex interests are united, whose essence must be able to remain through time and space, to ensure its generational continuity. Once such degree of durability has been reached, it will be appropriate, timely and legitimate to assume responsibilities as a full Nation, and the subsequent acceptance of Asgardia as part of the global set of countries.

Ivan Cheberko