Ana Mercedes Diaz: 'We Need to Make More Contacts With People'

On the first day of the Parliament session in Tallin the Government of Asgardia gathered for their council which appeared to be the first their intramural assembly ever. Ana Mercedes Diaz, the prime minister, commented this occasion to Asgardia Space News:

- I am very happy to have intramural session of the government in such a nice place. All other councils of the government were digital. Obviously it does matter how you proceed the events of such a kind — remotely or personally. We’ve just discussed the first points of agenda and prepared to resume with very interesting and important issues. One of them dedicated to proposal of making a historical memory of Asgardia. First report about our work, the building of the state, will be presented to the Head of Nation tomorrow. This one will be personal and not for publishing, but we are going to discuss the idea of making reports every year. Thus, we will draw the history of Asgardia. And we will propose to Parliament to make their own book of memory.

- Are you satisfied with the results of the government's work this year?

- I could be more satisfied. We’ve been working for only 7 months in our currant structure and for many of us, this work is a very new and unusual challenge. We needed to find the best ways to work. After all, we do our work, and we have made some results. Certainly we made mistakes that became the lessons for us

- What are the directions you want to strengthen the government's work?

- We now have two priority areas for action: to attract more people, more residents, more citizens to Asgardia. Thus, we're trying to get more money into our economy. And the second goal stems from the first: we plan to open as many representative offices throughout the world as we can. Because right now we basically work in digital form. We need to make more contacts with people with through our physical offices

- Can we name national economic development the main goal for the government next year?

- Yes, we can.

Ivan Cheberko