Android Version of Asgardia Calendar App Already Available

Asgardia has its own Calendar, with dates and even weekdays that don’t match the current Gregorian Calendar. There are times when Agardian dates can get particularly tricky. The company StarFit Enterprises is the proud developer of Asgardia Calendar Android Utility that it’s happy to offer to all Aagardians

The Asgardian Calendar (AsCal) app is a very convenient tool when you try to determine the right Asgardian date for a document,  as well as decide on future Asgardian Dates when you need to compile programs and schedules. Another clear advantage is that the app works offline. The user can view important future Asgardian dates on the main screen the same way they are published on the Asgardia website. 

The app is free. Its developers have no current plans for in-app purchases.

Today, the app is available in English, Spanish, Russian and Turkish. However, versions in  all of Asgardia’s 12 official languages will be released before the end of 2019. 

Head of Nation Dr. Ashurbeyli has always said that Android is the preferred operating system, and as such the app has been released as an Android app. If there are enough requests for the future, and the costs can be accommodated, then the app can also be released as an iOS version,” said Ben Dell, an AMP and head of StarFit Enterprises.

The App’s Main Features Are:

1. You can see the current Asgardian date and weekday along with the current Gregorian date and day.

2. You can also view the Asgardian date and weekday any given Gregorian date in the coming 5 years in the future for now.

3. Its "experimental" Widget display shows the current Asgardian date in the main interface of your mobile device.

4. The AsCal App keeps you updated on important future events in Asgardia

5. A future version will also allow selecting a future date and follow the event’s link.

6. A future version will also allow adding one’s own calendar events to the calendar app for their own display and notification purposes.

7. A future version will also allow people to register an account on the app and share calendar events with other registered users, like local Asgardia meetings, etc.

To get the Android AsCal app, find the app at Google Play and download it, or send an email to, and the link to the AsCal app will be emailed right back to you.

Anastasia Sinitskaya