Asgardia Adopts Changes to The Act of Acts

Asgardia’s Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli issued Decree No. 32, declaring that amendments and additions have been adopted to the Act on the Enactment of Legislative Acts of the Nation of Asgardia (Act of Acts). Dr. Ashurbeyli’s approval of the changes was based on the voting results and approval by Asgardia’s Parliament during the digital session on 10-12 January 2019 (10-12 January 0003).  

A noteworthy amendment was the inclusion of the Justice Committee for determining of the constitutionality of legislative proposals when they are submitted to the Chair of Parliament.

In addition, the “Parliamentary Questions” section has been added, allowing parliamentarians to submit questions through the Secretariat to various government bodies. The Secretariat, which will be formed to support the operations of Parliament, is another addition to the Act of Acts.  

The Parliament also confirmed – and Dr. Ashurbeyli approved – the structure and work process of the committees, as well as the language and document work flow. Parliamentarians are limited to no more than two committees, with a commitment of one year minimum. Committees are charged with lawmaking and evaluating proposed legislation in their specific subject matter areas. English remains the official language chosen by the majority of Asgardian MPs, and as Asgardia’s financial abilities increase, there may be up to 12 official versions.

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