Asgardia Executive Congress. Photo report

The First Asgardia Executive Congress is at work in the heart of Vienna. We’re committed to following it closely for all of its 3 days.  Here’s our photo report of the first day, with some notes. Enjoy! 

The Congress’ first day was complied of 12 presentations by areas, starting with security and safety, and finishing with science and culture. 12 twenty-minute presentations were held, each followed by a 10-minute Q&A. The speakers were from Asgardia’s two leadership branches, Ministers and Chairs of parliamentary committees.

Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli opened the first day of the Congress. In his welcome note, he recalled the achievements of Asgardia over its 2,5 years, and listed the Congress' immediate tasks: complete the formation of the Asgardian Government, swear in the supreme leaders of the State, and lay the foundation for Asgardia's development program that will be adopted by the Supreme Space Council. “I am confident that such congresses will become traditional and annual for us,” said the Head of Nation. Then, panel sessions began.

Philip Appleby, Minister of Safety and Security: The Mission of Asgardia’s Ministry of Safety & Security is to ensure that Asgardian citizens, organisations and enterprises, be they earth-side or space-side, thrive in an environment of great freedom, in which the risks to safety and threats to security are reduced to the point that they become negligible

Ron Schechter,  Minister of Citizenship: Asgardia Citizenship Affairs work to ensure that every citizen and residence in Asgardia receives effective civic benefits, and provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in our democracy as active citizens

Stephane Caiveau, Minister of Manufacturing: Asgardia is to become one of the largest players of the exploration and exploitation of Space by creating a profitable enterprise. Among our ambitious goals are to deploy satellite constellations in low orbit to provide internet everywhere on earth, build settlements with hotels, manufacturing facilities and hydroponic farms on the Moon, or to put robots on Mars before Asgardian explorers arrive to build comfortable welcoming structures using 3D printers out of Martian soil and other additives. Asgardia’s manufacturing function will engineer and build what's needed to best serve our purpose in our conquest of Space

During breaks, there were animated discussions of the presentations

Alex Alshvang, сhair of the The Equity and Resources Committee: Our mission is to build a new society for the future and promote Asgardia competitiveness in the global marketplace by strengthening and safeguarding the nation’s equity and resources. Our job is to make Asgardia The First Ever Space Nation to become world future innovation platform, for next generations to live with free spirit, love, courage, kindness.

John Edward Fine, deputy chair of the Trade and Commerce Committee: We believe that by conducting proper research, drafting legislation that is in unison with the nations of the Earth, fostering unity, and establishing sound legislation corresponding with Asgardia's objectives, we will aid in creating a robust economic structure that will propel Asgardians and Asgardia into space.


Floris Wuyts, Minister of  Science: Asgardia should seek partnership with other universities. The erection of an Asgardia Science and Technology Academia should be realized. Our long-term vision is to create an appropriate environment for giving birth to healthy humans in space, building human habitats in space and on the Moon, mitigating radiation hazards

Time for tricky questions

Leon Shpilsky, Minister of Finance: Each citizen of Asgardia will have the privilege of investing in various subsidiary companies and projects of Asgardia, and being involved in specifiс business and commercial activities

Marcus Gronbach, Minister of Justice: Bismarck said that fools learn from their own mistakes; it’s best to learn from the experience of others. We too can do this, and we don’t need to reinvent the wheel

Lena de Winne, Minister of Information and Communication: Information is content, and content is you; you are one of those creating it. This congress created an impressive amount of content, all thanks to your brilliant ideas. I hope many of them will be accepted for further implementation

A moment for a formal picture

… and an informal one.

Ivan Cheberko